Contribution to Tourism


is considered one of the founders of the Kingdom's tourism if not a major actor in tourism industry nationalization project in the mind of the society and many investors.Schooled by his late father, Sheikh Ali Assiri businessman and the National Venture are known all over the GCC country

  • Born on 1964.
  • Diploma in Business Administration - USA.
  • Diploma in Hotel & Tourism management.
  • His various initiatives in the Arab world and the Gulf region, including the Arabian Travel Market ATM, which is the most important event is an tourist investment in the Middle East.
  • He has participated in organizing, managing and innovating tourism projects and events as well as tourism committees and bodies at local, regional and international levels.
  • He contributed to tourism through its different membership in professional bodies, monitoring work, promotional national tourism slogans creation...
  • Raring for a solo act in all accomplishment with creating new events and associated of belonging to the places and humans without anything in return.
  • He received recognition certificates (20 from around the world) plus 400 domestic.
  • The hotel Avail Grand, one of company projects was awarded best local hotel in 2011 from SETA.
  • His company was nominated for having best prices from Middle-East Awards.
  • His company was nominated one of the fastest growing company in the Kingdom in 2011.